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Experimental session


France, 2010
Direction: Alessandro Avellis
Production: Alessandro Avellis
Starring: Nicolas Vilena, Clémence Beauxis, Tom Henin
Genre: Drama/Romance/Politic
Feature Film

Première in Spain


Paname is the nickname that French use for Paris, and is as well a love and desire story of today. Mathieu, a young man under treatment and medication for his many phobias, lives in fear of the outside world. Maxence has returned to Paris after years, living day by day, sleeping on the streets, talking to everyone and in search for the truth. On day in a city park, he meets in dramatic circumstances Marthe, that will make them bond immediately.

The young people in the Paris of 2008, the outcasts building a special and non conventional relationship. This will make them share everything even sex, and will force them to explore the city, learning to observe and face the harsh reality.

Alessandro Avellis takes advantage of the story to show us the actual economical, social and political situation with a straight debate, showing the anti globalization movement and its demonstrations, the message of an anguish youth in full uprising in an experimental and very actual film.


Paname Paname Paname Paname Paname Paname