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Saturday, July 2nd

12 p.m.

Fiesta “Golfa tú!!”

Party “Golfa tú!!”
La Penúltima
Riera Alta, 40
Free with invitation
Limited capacity

After the “Golfa tú!”” session at the French Institute - with the screening of Juanma Carrillo short films at 11 p.m. - , let’s party at La Penúltima, with invited Dj Lord Sonic.


* * *

Sunday, July 3rd

8 p.m. (and not at 12 p.m., as indicated in our printed flyer...)

Fiesta Girls on Fire

Party “Girls on fire!!”
Somoslas vs. FIRE!! feat. My Lovah Cindy
Apolo 2
Nou de la Rambla, 113
Free with invitation
Limited capacity

On Sunday night, from 8 p.m., a party at Apolo 2 with the My Lovah Cindy, and the screening of some girls short films, some live-music surprises, and the Dj sessions of Somoslas and My Lovah Cindy.