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French Institute
Thursday, July the 1st
8 p.m.


The Refuge

Directed by François Ozon
Performed by: Isabelle Carré, Louis-Ronan Choisy, Pierre Louis-Calixte
Feature Film, France, 2009

Special Jury Award, San Sebastian Festival 2009
Première in Barcelona

One of the most interesting aspects of the work from François Ozon – Sitcom; 8 femmes or La Piscine – is of his capability to study the habits of the French Bourgeoisie by showing with great delicacy and details its miseries. Refined and sharp with the forms, ruthless and critic with the message.

In The Refuge, his last film awarded in San Sebastian, Mousse and Louis and a young, beautiful and rich couple in love. Drugs barged in tragically and Louis looses his life due to an overdose at the same time that Mousse finds out she is pregnant. She runs away from her family and social circle disapproval by taking refuge in a charming house in the Basque Coast. Months later, her placid retirement, is broken by the appearance of Paul, the handsome brother of Louis. His presence, instead of bringing the turmoil she expected, forces her to take a journey of self discovering through an unforeseen outcome.

A film full of live and courage, cold and distant, away from the topics, that speaks to us about maternity, dependence and the need for understanding.


Le Refuge Le Refuge Le Refuge Le Refuge Le Refuge



Organised by Silvia Prada
Apolo 2
Thursday July the 1st
12 p.m.
Free entrance with invitation, until 2 a.m.


Silvia Prada Dj
Hidrogenesse, live concert
Jodie Harsh Dj (London)
Ferdiyei Dj



In the 15th edition of FIRE!! , the Gay and Lesbian Cinema Mostra of Barcelona has its opening party in Apolo room 2.

This time, the virtuous and sexy "Somos Las" club receives the Mostra audience as well as their usual congregation to this parties organized by pop artist Silvia Prada, who this time will start the night with a very appropriate DJ session. Silvia has a very special guest form London, charismatic Jodie Harsh exclusively for the Mostra. Besides, many surprises like a live band, the fabulous Hidrogenesse, and a DJ session by the iconoclast Ferdiyei Dj…

So… many things to celebrate, on that Thursday night!

SomosLas is a gay orientated club fed up with House and Latin music, but where everybody is welcome. Conceived in Berlin under the auspices of small weekly clubs offering small format and assured quality music, fun and dance until the morning, it’s the reference since 2 years of the gay alternative scene, and takes place at Apolo 2 nightclub. Now, SomosLas forms an alliance with FIRE!! to present its Inauguration Party.




Silvia PradaSilvia Prada
Artist and Illustrator. She collaborates with specialized magazines such as the deseapered Dazed & Confused, Blackbook, Carlos Magazine, Fanzine 173 or the gone The Face. In recent times she has exhibited her latest projects at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y León, Arco or at the Centro de Arte Santa Mónica. She also has published her latest book “The Silvia Prada Art Book”.


HidrogenesseHidrogenesse is an electronic art-rock duet created in 1996 in Barcelona and composed by Carlos Ballesteros and Genís Segarra, with the idea to have a band like KLF, where all sorts of music trends can provide the vehicle to share ideas. From its start, they have performed synth-pop like Human League, instrumental Italian disco, ballads, glitter rock, progressive music, dance-music in 90’s style, pop and fake rock'n'roll.


Jodie HarshJodie Harsh Jodie Harsh is an icon in London. Even though his young a short time he has taken London nightlife and also in many other cities'. His weekly party "Circus" is a legend and DJ sessions have hosted artists such as Ladyhawke, Roisin Murphy, Amy Winehouse or Peaches, and recently Harsh has been DJ for the world best clubs. With a unique look, Harsh is a make up expert and he has collaborated with producers such as William Orbit or Larry Tee.


FerdiyeiFerdiyei Dj
Ferdiyei is responsable for the artists coordination and hospitaly at the Primavera Sound Festival and at the Nitsa Club. You can see him in Barcelona at Apolo, but travelling through Europe you’ll find him also in Berlin at Popurri, and in London at Durr or Popstarz…