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Joako Ezpeleta

Director Mostra FIRE!!


Everything indicates that we are living in a time of convulsion, in which social structures are collapsing and crying out for a new outlook, and a different approach in accordance with the times we are living in.

Social revolution in Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria, etc., old dictatorships which cannot withstand the impact of the democratisation of technology and access to information; the western capitalist system is blown to pieces in the face of social injustice, political cynicism and the obscenity of financial power; religions incapable of giving answers to their followers without breaking their own traditions; the tiredness of the ecosystem under attack... Various generations will pass by before seeing change, but in our generation it is up to us not to bury our heads in the sand, to act and provide new individual and collective reference points which contribute to progress without violence, and to transform without breakages.

It is in this context that we can maintain a positive and constructive vision and attitude, but also realistic ones if we allow ourselves the opportunity to use feminine energy as a reference point in all aspects of our being, from the intimate to the social, from the political to the educative, from the economy to art. This does not mean the feminine as an exclusive syntagma of women, but as a creative energy, intuitive and unlimited, which exists in all of us; femininity as a transforming, integrating and active power. The feminine as conscience, as a life generator and as creative power.

The conscience is the most interesting thing. Sexual orientation, gender, identity and beliefs are always random, circumstantial, and are the fruit of chance, tradition or genetics. All of them are valid and necessary but the most interesting aspect is the conscience, waking up to the reality of things. And after years of male supremacy, we have to make way for the feminine energy, for too long repressed and excluded from the taking of decisions in the evolution of the world.

The feminine has a very strong potential. To start with, it brings the life experience of being different, of being marginalised … and this experience brings a greater capacity for understanding, solidarity with others, and a special sensitivity which, in principle, promotes a greater voracity in life, a powerful spirit of survival which by necessity stimulates the imagination and the dexterity to handle oneself in a hostile environment, and a capacity for adaptation and for life, which in many cases manifests itself through creativity. It is a value, neither better nor worse than others, but a value nonetheless.

This year we propose that the value of the feminine is the protagonist. For this reason, the poster of the Mostra 2011 is a liberating look which, after biting the apple, defies you and says: Do you dare?