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27th of June: Press Conference and Seminary. Download Pdf

Santos Felix
President of the Casal Lambda

A new edition of the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (the 'Mostra') now begins, and we are now on our thirteenth. This one arrives with an air of renewal, with new spaces, activities and a new management team, with Joako Ezpeleta as its leader.

As always, the Festival aims to be a reference point within the ambit of GLTB themed cinema, open to all types of audiences. This is for all those who like the cinema and who also like to discover realities which are not always known despite being amongst us, for those who like to enjoy films which cannot be seen in commercial cinemas because of their being considered minority cinema with little profiitability, and which can only be seen at home without the magic of the projection room.

I hope you enjoy the programme of films of the current edition and the parallel activities.

I would like to thank all those who participate in the Mostra in one way or another, as well as the management team and not forgetting the outgoing team. Also, the public and private promotors and all the volunteers who participate with their work so that each year the Mostra can be present among Barcelona's cultural activities.

Casal Lambda

President: Santos Félix
Publicity: Dany Playán
Translations Coordinator: Patrick Cerrato
Translators: David Álvarez, James McKinnel
Sergi Castellví, Carles Batlle, Alfonso Herranz y Carles Altès
Voluntarios del Casal Lambda


LesGaiCineMad - Festival Internacional de Cine Lésbico y Gai de Madrid
FICCO – Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporáneo de la Ciudad de México
Voluntarios del Casal Lambda
Imprenta Pereda
Emilio Oliete Díaz (Sagrera Tv)
Ilka Haederle (Goethe-Institut, Barcelona)
Danielle Schleif (Lastor Media)
Jessica Rosner (Kino International)
Jana Wolff (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin )
Sydney Neter (SND Films)
Stefan Pente and William Wheeler
Tania Galan (El paseito producciones)
Sue Chen (GroundSPak)
Moli Amara Simon (GroundSpark)
Karin Wallenczus (Galeria Alaska Productions)
Michel Rubén
Jorge Pérez
Victoire Chevalier
Octavio Botana
Las Fernández
La Penúltima
Daniel Nicoletta
Rosa Von Praunheim
Ronald Holloway
Diego Torri
Debra Chasnoff

To all people we possibly forget
To all the spectators that stay with us every year.

Lucrecia Martel
Catalogue 2008
Download the Catalogue in PDF.
Organized by:

C/ Verdaguer i Callís, 10.
08003 - Barcelona

T. 933 195 550
F. 933 103 035
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