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Casal Lambda

President: Santos Félix
Secretary: Patrick Cerrato
Accountant: Frederic García
Administration: Aran Jiménez
Board members: Joan Sebastiá Martí i José Antonio Alonso
Publicity: Dani Playán
Translations coordinator: Patrick Cerrato

Translators: Casal Lambda volunteers
David Álvarez
James McKinnel
Sergi Castellví
Javier Pérez López
Joan Soldevila


FIRE!! Team

Joako Ezpeleta, Director

Cofounder of the International Festival of Benicassim. Journalist and cultural manager, director of the TV and radio program "Viajes a los Sueños Polares" during years and editor of "Spiral" magazine. Nowadays coordinates and produces cultural projects.

Antoine Leonetti, Coordinator

Cultural Manager, PhD in Law, coordinates the UB (University of Barcelona) Cultural Department program. He collaborates at the Valsáin Foundation for the promotion of democratic values. He is the author of studies on the cultural education and also writes for the Swiss art magazine "Art Passions".

Ibon Olaskoaga, Documentaries

Audiovisuals director and producer. In the lasts years, he has specialized in documentaries. For more than 8 years he lived in the U.S.A., where has produced of documentaries for companies such as Time-Warner, NBC-Universal and Univisión. In 2009 he won a Goya for the documentary film “Bucarest”.

Gregorio Soria, Graphic Design

Graphic and Audiovisual Designer, he has worked mainly in the cultural sector and specifically for the record industry. He has created dozens of album covers. Among his Spanish clients we can highlight La Casa Azul, Elefant Records, Naïve, Rock de Lux, CD Drome, 40 Principales, Stop Sida and many more. He has also worked for companies from Japan, Norway, Korea, Germany, and the U.K. He has also his own record company named Annika.

Silvia Prada, Music

Artist and Illustrator. She collaborates with specialized magazines such as the deseapered Dazed & Confused, Blackbook, Carlos Magazine, Fanzine 173 or the gone The Face. In recent times she has exhibited her latest projects at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y León, Arco or at the Centro de Arte Santa Mónica. She also has published her latest book “The Silvia Prada Art Book”.

Jessie Park, Communication

Public Relations, designer and a artist in many disciplines. She is the creator of the complements label "Jin Sun Park", cofounder of Circuit (an event that mixes fashion, art and music in Barcelona). She is the muse of the artist Carles Congost. Since three years ago, she is the Director of PARKDIVISION, Press and P.R. agency specialized in fashion, health, beauty, art, culture, and lifestyle.

Paloma Cordón, Educational Activities

She was the founder of the Communication Department of the Sinnamon Production Company and the Razzmatazz concert hall. She has a degree in Law and she is specialised in editing. She currently works as a Communication Consultant for different companies and institutions, and as a teacher and a researcher on topics such as the Fan phenomenon, the music and the new technologies. She works on projects with social contents and organises workshops.


Thanks to:

LesGaiCineMad - Festival Internacional de Cine Lésbico y Gai de Madrid

Aran Jiménez
Lucas Casanova
Xenia Gaya
Michel Rubén
Paloma Cordón
Jorge Pérez
Valentí Sanjuán
Octavio Botana
Yair Hochner
Gunnar Almér
Jan Andreu
Laurent Sondag (Web programmer and designer, coordination assistant)
Claire Guillaume (Web and coordination assistant)
Casal Lambda Volunteers

To all those we might have forgotten.
To all the viewers who are with us every year.