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Ibon Olaskoaga

Documentaries Coordinator

The pigeon holes of identity *

* Identity (From b. lat. identĭtas, -ātis). Conscience which a person has of him or herself and distinct from others.

Of the various definitions of identity, the one I am most in agreement with is this one, the reason being because it puts the focus on the individual and the particularities of the person's identity, which provides us with an incredible liberty to construct our identities as humans: identities which are diverse, unique, new, surprising and infinite.

Identity is one of those concepts that is described in many ways. We can talk about political identity, cultural identity, group identity, gender identity, sexual identity, etc. These are confusing terms for the greater part of society, particularly as far as gender and sex are concerned. They are difficult to understand because human beings always tend to create pigeon holes in which we classify our surroundings and when we cannot find the place to classify something, confusion arises.

Identity is the central theme of the 5 documentaries of this edition: Nobody passes perfectly reflects on how the transition to a man of one of the protagonists will alter not only his identity, but also the perception of the identity which others have of her partner. In Fan we see how the identity of little Nienke has been created on the model of her television idol. In Outrage we close in on the hiding of sexual identity when the ambience around us won't allow us to present ourselves as we really are. Let’s be together shows an adolescent trying to conform to his identity through the typical rebellion for his age, tied in with the influence of commercial pressure and 'branding'. In Freetime Machos we see how the weight of stereotypes influences the protagonists, leaving a mark on them in the fundamental aspects of their identity as “good Finnish machos”.

Unfortunately, the pressures of identity are to be found not only in “Finnish machos” but also in the “gay community”. It seems paradoxical, to give an example, that the “bear” movement, which originated with the idea of being inclusive and to take in “all” identities, and all bodies, seems to be losing its essence and is contaminated by this human tendency to create pigeon holes: daddies, chasers, chubbys, etc., etc. These are labels and stereotypes which for many in search of an individual identity are more limiting than liberating.

And speaking of pigeon holes: Isn't it time to break the hermetic pigeon holes of gays-lesbians-transsexuals-bisexuals and simply start to fight for the rights of emotionally and sexually free human beings?

Here's hoping the FIRE!! documentaries of 2010 stimulate the neurones!





Directed by: Nienke Eijsink
Produced by: Cécile van Eijk, Sherman de Jesús
Documentary, Holland, 2009

Première in Spain

Nienke Eijsink’s life has been marked since she was 6 by physician Chris Randall, main character in the Australian series “Flying Doctors”. Whereas her friends were dreaming about characters such as Patrick Swayze, Nienke’s heart beat faster on the other hand when she saw this independent doctor that became for her an example of a woman that can be respected in an inhospitable and sexist environment as the tough Australian dessert is.

At the beginning Nienke dreamed about having a mother like Chris, later about being Chris herself, and finally, discovering her first lesbian feelings, in being loved by Chris.

In 2002 Nienke decides to make a biographic documentary and visits Liz Burch in Australia, the actress that interpreted Chris’s role. Then, it begins her personal adventure, with lots of humour, where we will see Nienke looking desperately for the person that has influenced more in shaping up her own personality.

Trailer - Short Promo

Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan


Raven's Book

Directed by: Nienke Eijsink
Produced by: Nienke Eijsink
Documentary, Holalnd, 2008

Première in Spain

Raven's Book is a partially animated documentary short about Raven, who is just 4 years old and he does not care at all about having to lesbian mothers: “I am happy for not having a daddy. He never plays with me so, why having one?”

His mothers show him the book that they have been making up since he was born. In the book they show their 2-year journey to have a kid without a father. Raven’s book is a honest and comical approach to maternity for a lesbian couple and the kid's reaction: “What's this fuss about? Can I go play?”

Raven's Book Raven's Book Raven's Book


Freetime Machos

Directed by: Mika Ronkainen
Produced by: Mika Ronkainen & Kimmo Paananen
Documentary, Finland, 2009

In its original advertising Freetime Machos is described as “a comedy documentary about the closest to the arctic pole rugby team and worse in Finland”. It is true that the misfortunes of this team are the main plot and that there are, as expected, lots of testosterone represented in this movie. But the plot presents more profound and ambitious.

The main conflict between these Finnish men, as many other around the world, is confusion about his role and identity. As they think about it in this movie, to show traditional and strong masculinity is not well considered and in their works physical strength is not necessary to be shown.

Team players share rugby as their only opportunity to be tough men, at least while the match last, and to talk “macho” in their after-match meetings in the sauna. But it is in this changing identity models when barriers between friendship, camaraderie and something significantly different start to dilute.


Freetime Machos Freetime Machos Freetime Machos Freetime Machos Freetime Machos


Let´s be together

Directed by: Nanna Frank Moller
Produced by: Mette Heide & Helle Faber
Documentary, Denmark, 2008

Première in Spain

Hairon, 14 y.o., lives with his mother and step-father in a suburb somewhere in Denmark. Hairon loves Dior exclusive glasses, expensive brand watches, make-up … Especially, make-up! And dress up parties. Somehow his family accepts him the way he is and although Hairon is happy with his feminine appearance, he is now nervous about his visit to his father in Brazil, who has not seen in 3 years.

When they see each other and his father tells him how much he has changed and grown up Hairon answers him: “wait to see me with my 15 cm heels”. Both men start discussing about feminine image and identity that Hairon is constructing for him and that his father does not like very much. But everything changes as soon as his father confesses a secret.

Let´s be together Let´s be together Let´s be together


Nobody passes perfectly

Directed by: Saskia Bisp
Produced by: Elise Lund Larsen & Vibeke Vogel
Documentary, Denmark, 2009

Première in Spain

Nobody Passes Perfectly is a subtle, funny and evoking movie about the strength that you need to change yourself completely. With a daringly plain shooting style, this documentary narrates with efficiency using single frame shots, the emotional intensity and sincerity of profound and loving conversations in front of the camera.

Conversations that reflect on questions such as: “what does it take for a lesbian to leave her identity to transit psychologically to become a man?” or “how can a lesbian accept the idea that after her sex change of her girlfriend to become a man, society will label her as a heterosexual woman instead of a lesbian, an identity that has been having all her life?”

Nobody Passes Perfectly tells with exquisite filming simplicity the difficulties to fit in socially when gender identity cards are being mixed.


Nobody Passes Perfectly Nobody Passes Perfectly Nobody Passes Perfectly



Directed by: Kirby Dick
Produced by: Amy Ziering
Documentary, United States, 2009

Première in Spain

The famous director and Oscar nominee, Kirby Dick, shows us with Outrage the hypocritical story of many gay politicians who are in the closet and actively campaign against the LGBT community. The documentary shows the double life of some of the most influential legislators in the US, and the damage that they are doing to millions of Americans with their vote record as well as the complicity of the media in keeping their secret.

The documentary is also a report of the pressure that these politicians face from the political system and the media, who won’t let them express their sexual identity if they want to achieve their political ambitions. Without a doubt, this is the most interesting point of the documentary and it will make us feel some compassion for some of the characters that have been forced to deny everything, even in the midst of a political and media controversy.


Outrage Outrage


* * *

Thirty years after AIDS emergence, we thought it was convenient to show the documentary Sex Positive, which recognizes the work of some of the first activists that vindicated safe sex while they were ignored by most of the gay community. Today, with a rise in the HIV infections in cities such as Barcelona where bare-back is no longer an anecdote but a dangerous trend, we believe that it is important to revisit that history in order not to forget those terrible years for our community at the beginning of the 80’s.


Sex Positive

Directed by: Daryl Wein
Produced by: Daryl Wein, David Olive Cohen
Documentary, United States, 2008

Première in Barcelona

It’s hard to believe that the person who invented the concept of “safe sex” was a sadomasochist and dominant hustler named Richard Berkowitz. For the character of this documentary, sex and activism were two interests that walked side by side. That was until the AIDS crisis in the 80’s, when the two became one single worry for him. Berkowitz emerged from the epicentre of the epidemic as a community leader demanding solutions before anyone else did.

It was at that time that he met Dr. Sonnanbed, who was saying that some cultural factors, mainly the high promiscuity, increased by fold the risk of catching AIDS. Together, along with singer Michael Callen, kept promoting safe sex and recommended healthier sex habits among the gay community. Many inside the community gave them a cold shoulder with the belief that their message would marginalize the gay liberation movement.

Berkowitz is today the definition of a non recognized hero, but his message is being spread today as much as it was 25 years ago.


Sex Positive Sex Positive Sex Positive