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The Mostra
The Mostra goes from July 1st to 9th

Mostra FIRE!! Closing Party

ATTENTION, CHANGE OF SPACE! The Closing Party (9th of July) will take place at MONDO
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The Mostra FIRE!! and Alejandro Jodorowsky
burn a closet during the Night of Saint John

"The FIRE!! Mostra has been inaugurated during the Saint John Night in Barcelona

The Fire!! Mostra Inauguration Night took place at the Joan Miró Parc, at 10:00 p.m. during the Saint John Night (23rd of June), with the invaluable presence of Alejandro Jodorowsky. During a psychomagic and symbolic act, he burned a closet as a metaphor of liberty and visibility, for the different sexual options of people.

This act represents the inauguration of the Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Film Mostra, that will take place at the Maldà Theatre from the 1st to the 9th of July.

Alejandro Jodorowsky explained the psychomagic act in a Press Conference at 19:00 p.m., on Tuesday the 23rd of June at the FNAC Triangle Forum, inviting everyone to join this celebration in this park. This symbolic act will be part of the new movie of the versatile artist, that will be called “Psicomagia”, and will start with images of Barcelona.

This symbolic act is a reflection of the Mostra Fire!! philosophy that rejects the need of getting out of the closet, or entering into it, and propose an alternative way of dealing with this issue: just burning the closet as a form of liberation.

This closet-burning ignited by the hands of Mr. Jodorowsky, wants to highlight the need of representing the diversity of all sexual options in a natural way and in favour of equal opportunities. This performance is the opening event of a programme that will give the audience the opportunity to know better the reality of homosexual’s lives around the globe."


Santos Félix i Farreras

President of Casal Lambda

Those who like the magic of the screen of the movie theater are in luck. The 14th Mostra of Gay and Lesbian cinema, which organizes the Casal Lambda, has already arrived. Ahead one week to see the films that the management team has selected and which will allow us to see reality, context and experiences of the LGBT group.

The film gives us the opportunity to learn about realities that are sometimes unknown to us, to remember past events, often vivid, and always to think about how to live the reality of being gay, lesbian or transsexual in the world.

This year we return to cinemas Maldà, the festival headquarters, but we expand also to Casa Asia, location where we will see films and documentaries from different Asian countries that thematically revolve around the status of the transsexual collective.

This year we create two morning sessions that will allow us to make more convenient the hours of screening for documentaries of interest for parents and children's.

Joako Ezpeleta

Director Mostra FIRE!!

Mostra is back in a year of hell in the world order that has been forced to think about pandemics, crisis, natural disasters and other ingredients of the Apocalypse... A chaos caused by the system, and that it aims to solve making us believe that they are changing something without changing anything and everything will remain the same.

And we believed them, instead of looking inside ourselves and assume the responsibility of everyone in the global disaster, that is the same as the personal disaster because -even if we are not been told- we know that what is happening is nothing more than the logical consequence of the power of greed, injustice and fear.

But just when everything is messy, when walking on the brink, the necessary changes can be made to follow a new direction. It is in times of crisis when there are appropriate circumstances to risk, to change, to act boldly and without fear, for facing the future and challenge it with generosity, love and courage.

In this edition of the festival we put a face to the people, a defiant and confident look composed by different eyes that look from the poster. And we put names to those who have left an artistic legacy for learning to understand life. Gilbert & George, Sam Wagstaff, Robert Mappelthorpe, James Wentzy, Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, Annemarie Schwarzenbach leave us their work. A life experience away from the conventions of the time, transgressive and counter, as the stories we bring in the fictional section, stories of ordinary people who fight without fear, accepting the responsibility for his life and his environment; stories that come from Israel, Italy, China, Brazil or Spain.

Hopefully the festival will serve to arouse some emotion, to provide some light, to make reflect not just to a gay community that is self-absorbed in their own reality, a well-off community in the most superficial consume and closed on their own stereotypes, but also to anyone who wants to be near them without prejudice.

We just want to make a Mostra of independent film and documentary without concessions and without labels. A Show that will help us not to "escape" but to look straight to the poster saying: This is me.

Casal Lambda

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President: Santos Félix
Secretary: Patrick Cerrato
Finatials: Frederic García
Vocals: Joan Sebatiá Martí, José Antonio Alonso
Publicity: Dany Playán
Translations Coordinator: Patrick Cerrato
Translators: Voluntarios del Casal Lambda

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