Casal Lambda is a non-profit making association which is struggling for gays and lesbians in Spain. It was established in Barcelona in 1976 and today is a very important center for gay and lesbian activities throughout Spain. Since its inception it has offered a space for meetings and guidance of gays and lesbians as well as a center for information and documentation for professionals interested in homosexuality.

The association is open to the city, and with both an attractive program of events and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, it has become a factor in the normalization of homosexuality through the projection of its cultural events and close communication with public institutions and political organizations.

All the activities are organized on a voluntary basis by members, which means that many members give generously of their time. The management team is chosen democratically. Funds are raised by activities and events, as well as by grants obtained from government. There are support agreements with Barcelona City authorities and the Social Welfare and Youth Departments of the Catalan regional government.

What are the goals of Casal Lambda ?

The principal goal of Casal Lambda is the normalization of homosexuality in society. The lack of normal acceptance often causes gay people to withdraw their sexual and affective lives into a sort of closed circuit, with the result that many gays have difficulties in accepting their own sexuality, and suffer at the same time from discrimination.

What answers does Casal Lambda offer?

What are Casal Lambda's activities?
  • Continual information and counseling work, personally and on the phone.
  • Psychological and legal advice.
  • Keeping the most important Gay and lesbian archives and library in Spain
  • The most important Documentation Centre specialized in gay and lesbian archives in Spain.
  • The 5th International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival of Barcelona
  • The Gay & Lesbian Comic Exhibition
  • Discussion groups, youth group, elderly group, lesbian group.
  • Lambda magazine (reflection & debate about homosexual matters) and other publications.
  • Periodic meetings with members of political parties, public institutions and citizen run entities.
  • Monthly Evening Big Tea Dance in public centers (actually the 3rd sunday)
  • Meeting Place, cafe-restaurant.
  • Program of activities, excursions and trips.


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